Gerald Artner Research Amateur Professional
2017 EuCAP France.jpg

I got my radio amateur licence in December 2016. My callsign is OE1GAQ. Since then I am active on 160m/80m/40m/20m via the amateur radio station of the Technischen Universität Wien (OE1XTU), portable on 2m/70cm and on microwaves in the 3cm band.

Antenna TU Wien Antenna Mast
The amateur radio station at Technische Universiät Wien gets a new antenna mast. The OE1XTU Blog has a short article about it.

CQ WW SSB contest CQ WW DX SSB Contest
Another successful contest done at the OE1XTU station. I worked the contest with about 70W output power and a set of orthogonally mounted inverted-V antennas on the roof of TU Wien. I managed to get the fourth place in Austria in the category "Single OP - Low Power".

Ortsschild Ilmenau
Michael Sander (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Visiting DL country
at DF0HQ
I visited Ilmenau for a business trip and had the chance to visit DF0HQ. I even made a few QSOs with their impressive setup under the call DL/OE1GAQ, logs are on and I will try to print QSL-cards and upload to eQSL later. Shoutout to DG1ATN and DL5ANT for showing me around.

EuHFC 2017 European HF Championship
I participated in the European HF Championship (EuHFC) from OE1XTU to get some experience for the CQ WW SSB. I managed to get the first place in Austria in the category "SSB - Low Power".

Map All Austrian Contest 2017 All Austrian Contest 2017
I participated in the All Austrian Contest (AOEC) as part of OE1XTU. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a few things about contesting. A newspaper article in Der Standard about our participation can be found here.

3cm band Microwave QSOs in the 3cm band
I worked some stations in the 3cm band with OM Stefan OE1ABU. The photo shows me with a horn antenna setup on the roof of the TU Wien. The church in the background is the Karlskirche. I used the photo as my first QSL card design. I assembled the 3cm setup with colleagues at TU Wien.

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