Gerald Artner Research Amateur Professional
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I got my radio amateur licence in December 2016. My callsign is OE1GAQ. Since then I am active on 160m/80m/40m/20m/15m/10m/6m via the amateur radio station of the Technischen Universität Wien (OE1XTU), portable on 2m/70cm and on microwaves in the 3cm band.

AOEE IARU HF Championship 2019
as part of OE0HQ (at OE1XTU)
Several members of the Amateur Radio Club of the Vienna University of Technology contributed to the Austrian headquarter callsign OE0HQ in the IARU HF Championship. From OE1XTU, I worked the 10m and 15m bands in SSB together with OM Wolfgang OE3VSW. Working only 10m/15m throughout a whole contest was a new experience for me. The bands are lower paced than 20m/40m (or working all the bands as single operator). This makes each individual contact more valuable. There are more incentives to make QSOs with weak stations and more time to try and contact other headquarter stations.

Again, I joined the OE1XTU team for the All Austrian Exercise AOEE 80/40m (amateur radio emergency emergency communications exercise): OE1LZA, OE8KDK, OE1BQH, OE1AKA, OE1VMC, Ivan and me.
With 319 QSOs we logged fifty QSOs more than last year. We completely ignored the 40m band (only 15 QSOs) due to bad conditions and fully focused on the 80m band.
Details are available in the OE1XTU Blog.

CQ WW SSB contest CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2018
at DF0HQ
I was invited back to Ilmenau in Germany as DL/OE1GAQ in October 2018. There, I had the honor to join DF0HQ for the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2018.
I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and their patience when teaching me. I learned a lot about beverage antennas, contesting, logging, listening and operating in general. Now the results are in and it is nice to see, that I could make some small contributions in the team that made #1 Germany, #3 Europe and #12 World.
Thank you DG1ATN and DL5ANT for the invitation.

Moveable log-periodic antenna at Moosbrunn Field Trip to Moosbrunn
I went on a field trip to the ORS transmitter in Moosbrunn. The short wave transmitter still broadcasts the OE1 program Ö1 Morgenjournal, Radio DARC and some other programs.

Doppelwandantenne Drehstandantenne

4O6GAS Visiting Montenegro
as 4O/OE1GAQ
I visited Podgorica for a business trip. Initially, I only made a few QSOs via the Lovcen repeater 4O0VKO with a handheld. I was heard by 4O5JD/m who invited me to the Radio Klub Podgorica 4O6BLM and the Student Radio Club 4O6GAS of the University of Montenegro. They have an impressive station and I got the opportunity to work a few QSOs. A pileup formed immediately and lasted almost an hour. After answering all stations we QRT and grabbed a drink.

I will print QSL cards for the contacts and send them via bureau.

Shoutout to 4O5JD, 4O6RF, 4O4DB and 4O1S for showing me the club stations.

Antenna TU Wien Antenna Mast
The amateur radio station at Technische Universiät Wien gets a new antenna mast. The OE1XTU Blog has a short article about it.

CQ WW SSB contest CQ WW DX SSB Contest
Another successful contest done at the OE1XTU station. I worked the contest with about 70W output power and a set of orthogonally mounted inverted-V antennas on the roof of TU Wien. I managed to get the fourth place in Austria in the category "Single OP - Low Power".

Ortsschild Ilmenau
Michael Sander (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Visiting DL country
at DF0HQ
I visited Ilmenau for a business trip and had the chance to visit DF0HQ. I even made a few QSOs with their impressive setup under the call DL/OE1GAQ, logs are on and I will try to print QSL-cards and upload to eQSL later. Shoutout to DG1ATN and DL5ANT for showing me around.

EuHFC 2017 European HF Championship
I participated in the European HF Championship (EuHFC) from OE1XTU to get some experience for the CQ WW SSB. I managed to get the first place in Austria in the category "SSB - Low Power".

Map All Austrian Contest 2017 All Austrian Contest 2017
I participated in the All Austrian Contest (AOEC) as part of OE1XTU. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a few things about contesting. A newspaper article in Der Standard about our participation can be found here.

3cm band Microwave QSOs in the 3cm band
I worked some stations in the 3cm band with OM Stefan OE1ABU. The photo shows me with a horn antenna setup on the roof of the TU Wien. The church in the background is the Karlskirche. I used the photo as my first QSL card design. I assembled the 3cm setup with colleagues at TU Wien.

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