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Channel Static Antennas
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G. Artner
Austrian Patent Application Antennenanordnung für statische Funkkanäle, 2018.
PCT Application Verfahren und Antennenanordnungen um Funkkanäle statisch zu halten, 2019.

When devices are moved, this causes the antenna to move to a different position, which in turn causes the wireless communication channel to change. With this invention the channel is kept static by performing a counter-movement with the antenna, to keep the antenna at the same position relative to other stations.
A laboratory prototype was built for phones in cellular networks (5G and beyond). Measurement results confirm that channels can be kept static with this invention. The invention contains the method to keep the channel static under platform movement, as well as several devices to perform the counter-movement.
By adding means to the base antenna for detecting the trajectory of the the moving antenna, the counter-movement previously performed by the antenna on the moving object can instead be performed at the base station. Devices such as cell phones, where the antena might not be able to perform the counter-movement due to size limitations, can offload the movement to another, larger antenna.

The patent application is owned and handled by Forschungs- und Transfersupport of Technische Universität Wien (Vienna University of Technology). Please follow the link on the right side to see the technology offer and contact information.
Several manuscript drafts with detailed descriptions of the method, prototypes and measurement results are available for free on arXive:
Channel Static Antennas
Channel Static Antennas for Mobile Devices
Channel Static Antennas for Compensating the Movements of a Partner Antenna

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